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Dr Halat’s endless list of reasons to remain a virgin until marriage

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The decisive importance of virginity until marriage in Europe, Slavic Culture and Christian Faith

A Description of Ukraine Containing Several Provinces of the Kingdom of Poland, lying between the confines of Muscovy, and the borders of Transylvania; together with their customs, manner of life, and how they manage their wars. Written in French by the Sieur de Beauplan. French Edition Ruen 1660. English Edition London 1732

Since we have spoken of the amours of the Russians, let us say somewhat of the wedding-feast and ceremonies observed at it.

Of their wedding.
The nuptial ceremonies are these: The youth on both sides are invited, and have orders from the bride and bridegroom to bring all their kindred, to be present at the Weselle', that is, the wedding;
authorize them for performing this duty, each of them has a garland of flowers given him, which he puts upon his arm, carrying a list of all the guests invited, to whole houses they go the day before the wedding, by two and two. The first of them who delivers the message, and makes the speech,  has a rod in his hand. I shall not spend time to give you an account of the dishes, and what varieties are served up to table; I shall only inform you, that the bride being well dressed after their manner,  that is, in a long gown of a sad colour’d cloth hanging on the ground, which makes her spread, and laces with broad laces, half silk, and half woolen, her head bare, her hair spread on her back, shewing nothing naked but her face, and a garland of such flowers as the season will afford on her head; her father, brother, or nearest kinsman, leads her to church, a violin, hornpipe, or cimbal going before. After she is married, one of her near relations takes her by the hand, and leads her home again with the same musick. I omit the rejoicings at the wedding-entertainment, tho’ they are extraordinary, and wherein they are nothing inferior to other nations; and shall only observe, that what encourages them the more to debauchery, to which they are naturally inclined, is, that upon weddings, and christnings of their children, the lord of the place gives them leave to brew beer, which liberty makes them drink it the cheaper, and much more extravagantly: for it is to be observed, that at other times the lords have common brew-houses, where all his vassals are obliged to buy their store.
When it is time to put the bride to bed, the bridegroom’s female kindred carry her into a room, where they strip her stark naked, and search her all round, even her ears, hair, between her toes, and other parts of her body, to see whether there is no blood, pin, or cotton dipped in some red liquor hid about her; and should they find such thing, it would discompose the wedding, and cause much disorder. But if they find nothing, they put her on a fine smock of cotton cloth very white and new; and then lay her between two sheets, making the bridegroom steal to bed to her.
When they are together, they draw the curtains, and yet most of the people at the wedding come into the room, with the horn-pipe, dancing and every one with a glass in his hand. The women dance and jump, and clap their hands, till the matrimony be absolutely consummated; and if she makes any demonstration of joy at that happy moment, all the company leaps, and clapping their hands, give great acclamations of joy. The bridegroom’s kindred are still watching about the bed to hear what is doing, waiting to draw the curtain as soon as the sport is over. Then they give the bride a clean smock, and if on that they take from her they find the tokens of a maiden-head, they make the house ring with joyful acclamations, in which all the kindred joins. After that, when she is dressed, it is after the fashion of women, into which number she is admitted, that is, her head is covered, which is only allowed to them, for maids never wear any thing but their hair, and would look upon it as a disgrace.
Next day another no less comical part is acted, which to those who have not seen it mull: seem very strange, which is, that they run a staff through both the smock sleeves, turning it the wrong side outwards, and so in great state walk with it all about the town, like a banner bearing the honourable
tokens of the combat, that all the people may be witnesses, both of the bride's virginity, and the bridgroom’s manhood.
All the guests follow with the musick, singing and dancing more eagerly than before. And in this procession, the young men leading the young maids that were at the wedding, walk all about the town; all the multitude runs out, hearing the noise, and follow them till they return to the house of
the new-married couple.
But if on the other side they should not find the marks of honour, every man throws down his glass, and the women forbear singing, for then the feast is spoiled, and the bride's kindred disgraced, and out of countenance. There ends the wedding: then they commit a thousand extravagancies in the house, make holes in the pots the meat was dressed in, break off the mouths of the earthen cups they drank out of; put a horse collar about the bride’s mother’s neck; then set her upon a table, and sing a thousand filthy beastly songs to her, giving her to drink in one of those broken-mouthed cups, and upbraid her unmercifully for not having been watchful in preserving her daughter’s honour. In short, after having used all the vile language they can think of to her, every one goes home vexed to have been at so disagreeable an entertainment. Especially the kindred of the bride keep in their houses as if they absconded, and continue there some time without stirring abroad, because of the shame of that misfortune. As for the husband, it is left to his choice to keep or leave her; but if he will keep her, he must resolve to put up all affronts that shall be offered him upon that account.

Cossack women chaste.
I must add this one word more upon this subject, concerning the manners of their women, and allow them the honour of being chaste when fasting; but the liberty allowed them of drinking aqua vitae, and their liquor made of honey, would render them more easy of access, were it not for fear of publick shame, and the dishonour done to maids if they will marry, as has been shewn above, without having the tokens of their virginity.

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Rozkulbaczcie, chłopcy, konie Розпрягайте, хлопці, коні Unsaddle your horses, boys; on  youtube