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Dr Halat’s endless list of reasons to remain a virgin until marriage

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The decisive importance of virginity until marriage in Europe, Slavic Culture and Christian Faith
A Description of Ukraine Containing Several Provinces of the Kingdom of Poland, lying between the confines of Muscovy, and the borders of Transylvania; together with their customs, manner of life, and how they manage their wars. Written in French by the Sieur de Beauplan. French Edition Ruen 1660.
 English Edition London 1732

To proceed in the performance of what I promised, something must be said of the customs they observe in some of their marriages, and how they make love, which will seem odd and incredible to some persons. There, contrary to the practice of all other nations, the maids make love to those young men they take a liking to; and a certain superstition they have among them, and observe punctually, is the cause they seldom miss of their aim, and they are more sure to succeed than the men would be, if application were made by them. This is the manner of it.

How maids court young men.
The maid that is in love goes to the young man’s father’s house, at such a time as the judges she may find the father, mother, and gallant together. Coming into the room, the says, Pomagaboa, that is, God bless you, the common salutation used at entering their houses. Having taken her place, she compliments him that has won her heart, and speaks to him in these words, Juan, fediur, demitre, woitek,mitika, &c. (in short, she calls him by one of these names, which are most usual among them); perceiving a certain goodness in your countenance, which shews you will know how to rule and love your wife; and hoping from your virtue that you will be a good Despodarge: These good qualities make me humbly beseech you to accept of me for your wife. Then she says as much to the father and mother, praying them to consent to the match. If they refuse her, or make some excuse, saying, he is too young, and not fit to marry; she answers, She will never depart till she has married him, as long as he and she live.
These words being spoken, and the maid persisting, and positively asserting she will not depart the room till she has obtained her desire; after some weeks the father and mother are forced, not only to consent, but also to persuade their son to look favourably upon her, that is, as one that is to be his wife. The youth perceiving the maid fully bent upon loving him, begins to look upon her as one that is in time to be mistress of his inclinations, and therefore intreats his father and mother to give him leave to place his affections upon that maid. And thus amorous maids in that country cannot miss of being soon provided, for by persisting they force the father, mother, and son, to comply with them; and this, as I said above, for fear of incurring God's wrath, and that some disaster may not befall  them, for to thrust the maid out would be an affront to all her kindred, who would resent it; and in this case they cannot use violence, without incurring, as I was saying, the indignation and punishment of the church, which is very severe in these affairs, imposing, when such a thing happens, penances, and great fines, and declaring the family infamous. Being kept in awe by these superstitions, they, as near as may be, avoid the misfortunes they believe, as firmly as they do their articles of faith, will befall them, by refusing to give their sons to those maids that demand them. And this custom holds only among people of equal rank, for in that country the peasants are all rich alike, and there is but little difference as to their worth.
Now I will speak of other unequal amours between a peasant and a gentlewoman, allowed by  ancient custom and privilege kept up among them.

How a peasant may marry a gentlewoman
It is the custom in all the villages of that country, for all the peasants, with their wives and children, to meet at the usual place of rendezvous, every sunday and holiday after dinner. The place of rendezvous is the tavern, where they spend the rest of the day and marry making together; but only the men and women drink, while the youth spend their time in dancing to a douda, that is, a horn-pipe. The lord of the place is usually there with all his family to see them dance. Sometimes the lord makes them dance before his castle, which is the most usual place; and there he dances himself, with his wife and children. At that time the gentry and peasants mix together ; and it is to be observed, that all the villages of Podolia and Ukraine are for the most part encompassed with underwoods, Where there are lurking-places for the peasants to retire in summer, when they are alarmed with the coming of the Tartars. These  underwoods may be half a league over; an tough the peasants are kept under like slaves, nevertheless they have this ancient right and privilege of conveying away, if they can, out of this dancing assembly, a young maiden gentlewoman, though the were their own lord's daughter, provided he does it so dexterously as to come off well, otherwise he is a lost man, and that he can fly into the neighbouring copses, where if he can lie hid four and twenty hours, without being discovered, he is cleared of the rape committed; and if the maid he has stole will marry him, he cannot refuse her without losing his head; if not, he is acquitted of the crime, and cannot be punished: but it happen that he is taken within the twenty four hours, his head is immediately chopt off, without any form of law. Though I lived there seventeen years, I never heard that this was once done. I have seen the maids make love to the young men, and often succeed, as I said above; but this last practice is too dangerous, for a man must have good heels to carry away a maid by force, and run away with her in sight of a considerable company, without being overtaken; and it would be yet harder, unless the maid was consenting to it. (...)

Marianna, 24-year-old Roman Catholic Miss Beauty, Ukrainian citizen of Polish national identity, native Rudki / Rudky, the city of Lwow / Lviv area, West Ukraine, found her new home in Wroclaw, Poland. Fine art photography by Zbigniew Halat.
Marianna, 24-year-old Roman Catholic Miss Beauty, Ukrainian citizen of Polish national identity, native Rudki / Rudky, the city of Lwow / Lviv area, West Ukraine, found her new home in Wroclaw, Poland. Fine art photography by Zbigniew Halat.