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Dr Halat’s endless list of reasons to remain a virgin until marriage

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The decisive importance of virginity until marriage in Europe, Slavic Culture and Christian Faith

A Description of Ukraine Containing Several Provinces of the Kingdom of Poland, lying between the confines of Muscovy, and the borders of Transylvania; together with their customs, manner of life, and how they manage their wars. Written in French by the Sieur de Beauplan. French Edition Ruen 1660. English Edition London 1732

To Serenissime Prince And Very Powerful John Casimir.
By The Grace of God King of Poland
Grand Duke of Lithuania, Russia, Prussia, Mazovia, Samogitia, Livonia, & c. and hereditary King of Sweden, the Goths & Vandals.
SIRE, The Immense expanse of land that now separates me from your Estates, however great or what is not a strong enough barrier to empescher productions of my Spirit, to go to the feet of your Majesty, nor the years that there was i'en esloigné, have sceu diminish in no zeal i'a that there had seruir tousiours you, and to continue to trade from time to time some ouur ages who can donate / II / ner of satisfaction vostre Spirit & vn diuertissement profitable to you. For you rather have asseurer by strong efficts, than by feeble words, ie take the boldness auec any kind of humility, and vn in profound respect, to offer vostre Auguste majesty the description of this great edge of Ukranie, between Muscovy & Transylvania, your predecessors have acquired you for fifty years, and the vast plains which are much deuenuës fertilles estoient they deserted.
It's new Constable vn Kingdom, which recently many beene agrandy by value, & the wise leadership of Grand & Incomparable Konespolski Castelan Krakow Generalissime & your armies, whose courage was assisted tousiours of so own judgment, that it is the veit iamais out of fights, some perilous as they were, unless accompanied Victory.
I can speak assuredly to auoir beene eye tesmoin seventeen years during which I have had the honor of being seruice remain in the last two Roys deffunts; in the other a Father & Frere of your Majesty, in which time i'ay ietté the foundation of more than fifty significant Solobodes, which are like so many settlements, which in a few years has trained over a thousand villages by increasing their dwellings tidings: These Teuplades carrying all their treatment at the Vostre Estat, by far pushed the boundaries, and took so much trouble to the cultiuer infructueu- / III / her land they are met, it is their qu'auiourd'buy merveilleuse fertility, which has the largest I'On income Vostre Kingdom.
This country is conquered nouuellement vn Bouleuard impregnable against the power of the Turks, and the violence of the Tartars, and the seventh high barrier capable of damaging their arrester & frequent races, these enemies trouuant grandment estonnez meet your Province in the seventh, which seruuit passage their conquests, the infallible because of their goodness, as well as their rume.
It is in this Topographical Map that you can in a moment to consider all points of Ukranie ample TEK Terroir, the possession do not you less glorious it is profitable, and by the look of his situation, iuger its consequence, and by maxims & Policies Estat, you wear more than ever the importance THIS cotinuation purpose of accroistre, whose end can still adiouster infinite vn member Fleurons rich in vostre Royalle Crown.
I should say still much suiet on this, that I do estoit voy it is more expedient to silence that the ster protest, fear, assuming that give you healthy aduis, ie not donnasse instructions your enemies, so that their seroient profitable, what harmful seroient VUOS.
So quitteray this speech to tell your Majesty that this Great Man of War & Estat the inuincible Konespolski, having recognized the care, the penalties, and the / IV / auois long time i used to achieve Construction of this card, your kindness was so inform the late King, his Majesty was in the seventh resolution of in'honorer considerable reward: but death began with them, my hopes to the grave.
In the end Vostre famous fame as the resurrected, teaching me that you do not autez less love, these Illustrious deffunts for merit of people, and that he will never miss your liberalitez reconnoistre of the services that you vtiles are provided; which gave me reason to believe that Vostre Majesty Easting in possession not only of the Old Field of Poland but also of this great Province Ukrane, acquisition which contributed greatly i'ay, you iusqu make go 'to effect, good will, qu'auec Iustice fire Roy Vostre Frere auoit conceuë for me, and you receuriez of vn eye fauorable this present you offer him who breathes only honor Your Commandments, and the well to be able to say forever,
Your Majesty
The very humble, very obedient &-very-faithful servant
Guillaume le Vasser, Sieur de Beauplan
Google translated from French to be corrected

Józef Brandt Bogurodzica, Юзеф Брандт Богородиця, Joseph Brandt Mother of God  National Museum, Wroclaw, Poland
  Józef Brandt Bogurodzica, Юзеф Брандт Богородиця, Joseph Brandt Mother of God
National Museum, Wroclaw, Poland